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As we just begin a new century, a new millennium, Clashion focuses its lens on a different era.  We look to a time before world wars, cold wars, television, radio, movies, women's votes, air travel, car travel, and most of the other things we consider part of our world.  Clashion looks back 100 years, starting in 1902.


This was a year of building and of discovery.  Britain was building its empire in South Africa, after the end of the Boer war.  Construction on the tallest building in New York City, the Flatiron Building, was completed.  Egypt finished its Aswan dam.  As for discoveries and inventions, the teddy bear is introduced, named for a bear that was caught and stuffed for Theodore Roosevelt.  Advances were made in air conditioning, and the Tyrannosaurus Rex was discovered in Montana.

 Where were they then?
• Susan B Anthony - 82 years old, living in New York and active with Women's rights groups
• Harriet Tubman - 82 years old, living in Auburn, NY, beginning work on Harriet Tubman Home for Aged and Indigent Colored People
• Mark Twain -
67 years old, in his retirement in Connecticut
• Theodore Roosevelt
- 44 years old, President of the United States
• George Washington Carver
- 38 years old, teaching at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama
• Herbert Hoover
- 28 years old, junior partner in London-based mining firm
• Winston Churchill - 28 years old, first years of political career in Conservative party
• Albert Einstein - 23 years old, employed at Swiss patent office in Bern
• Vladimir Lenin - 22 years old, recently out of Siberian exile
• Franklin D. Roosevelt - 20 years old, Harvard University Student
• Benito Mussolini - 18 years old, voluntarily exiled to Switzerland
• Eleanor Roosevelt - 18 years old, attending Allenswood School in England
• Georgia O'Keefe - 14 years old, already painting, and attending the Sacred Heart Academy and High School in Williamsburg, Virginia
• Joseph Stalin - 13 years old, already exiled to Siberia
• Dwight D. Eisenhower - 12 years old, still in school
• Adolf Hitler - 12 years old, living at home in Linz on the Danube
• Babe Ruth - 7 years old, on his way to St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys
• The Soldiers of WWI
- 6 years old

 Countdown to History
• 1 year before Wright brothers' first flight in Kitty Hawk, NC
• 1 year before Henry Ford starts the Ford Motor Company (Model T 5 years later)
• 2 years before New York City subway opens
• 3 years before Einstein proposes his theory of relativity
• 6 years before the beginning of the Middle East oil boom
• 10 years before the sinking of the Titanic
• 11 years before RJ Reynolds introduces its cigarette
• 12 years before WWI
• 12 years before Ghandi begins his campaign of non-violence
• 18 years before woman are given right to vote in United States
• 18 years before the first Miss America beauty pageant
• 18 years before Prohibition goes into effect
• 21 years before the founding of the USSR by Lenin
• 22 years before the first Macy's Thanksgiving day parade
• 25 years before Lindbergh crosses the Atlantic
• 25 years before television is first demonstrated and the first talking motion picture
• 27 years before the Great Depression
• 27 years before the use of penicillin to treat infection
• 28 years before the discovery of the planet Pluto
• 37 years before WWII
• 43 years before WWII ends
• 48 years before the Cold War
• 48 years before the Korean War
• 48 years before the birth of suburbia
• 57 years before the United States has 50 states
• 57 years before the doll Barbie is created
• 59 years before the Berlin wall is built
• 59 years before the first person to go into space, Yuri Gagarin of the USSR
• 61 years before Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have A Dream' speech
• 61 years before the assassination of President Kennedy
• 63 years before the first American troops land in Vietnam
• 67 years before man walks on the moon
• 72 years before Richard Nixon resigns the office of President
• 73 years before Microsoft is founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen
• 78 years before CNN, MTV follows a year later
• 81 years before crack cocaine is developed
• 84 years before the Chernobyl disaster
• 84 years before Nintendo launches
• 87 years before the fall of the Berlin Wall
• 88 years before the invention of "the Web"
• 89 years before the fall of the USSR
• 95 years before Dolly, the cloned sheep, is born
• 97 years before the Y2K bug panics the US
• 98 years before the completion of the Human Genome Project
• 100 years before the founding of Clashion

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