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From the F. Hi to the J. Lo
Shannon Stafford
February 5, 2002

Several months ago, while waiting for hours at the Saturn dealership for an oil change, I was thumbing through a magazine and came across an article about Jennifer Lopez hitting pay dirt with J. Lo and how John Lovitz and Jennifer Love Hewitt had lost out by not thinking of it first. So, I started thinking about all the people I know who could benefit from a J. Lo name. Mine comes out to the unpronounceable S. St and Clashion co-editor, Erik comes out to E. Bo, but several of my friends came out with good names: C. Me and K. Os were just a few. Iíve put together a list of celebrities who would have good J. Lo names and here is the best of the list:

Hank Aaron = H. AA 
Matthew Broderick = M. Br 
Bridget Fonda = B. Fo 
Elliot Gould = E. Go
Michael J. Fox = M. Fo
Ashley Judd = A. Ju
Brian Krause = B. Kr 
Swoozie Kurtz = S. Ku 
Faith Hill = Faith Hill
Katie Holmes = K. Ho 
Eric McCormack and Ewan McGregor = E. Mc 
Alyssa Milano = A. Mi
Lou Diamond Phillips = L. Ph
Brad Pitt = B. Pi
Oliver Platt = O. Pl 
Dennis Quaid = D. Qu
Michael York = M. Yo

So the next time youíre walking down the street in New York or L.A. and you hear A. Ho, donít be insulted. Look around and you just might see Anthony Hopkins. - Copyright 2002 - Email us at
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