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What about Enya?
Erik Boemanns
February 1, 2002

Over the last thirteen years Enya has given the world her special Celtic-new age twist to popular music in six albums, and a handful of singles and compilations.  However, her popularity peak did seem to be centered around the early 90's.  My first experience with
In our modern era of minds crowded with thought, Enya is a welcome source of peace.
Enya was a gift from my Grandmother.  At the time, I'm not sure I'd heard of Enya, of if so, that it was an album I planned to buy for myself.  However, over the years, my Enya collection has grown to be some of the  most valuable music in my collection.

The reason for this is simple, Enya's music clears the mind.  If Mozart stimulates mental acuity, then Enya stimulates mental tranquility.  In our modern era of minds crowded with thought, Enya is a welcome source of peace.  I first discovered the music's power in an attempt to get some sleep.  I tend to do a lot of my thinking and planning right when I'm supposed to be falling asleep.  Listening to music helps prevent the detailed thinking, but tends to just make me think about other things.  Enya is just the opposite.

Another amazing power of Enya's music was revealed to me by a friend of mine.  Along with the curse of not being able to go to sleep at night, I'm also cursed with a mental jukebox.  It tends to get stuck on musicals.  It's not a good jukebox though, since it tends to only play a couple refrains of the same song over and over.  This is a common experience for most people.  I think my only exception is that I have the mental music playing almost all my waking hours.  Enya's cleansing power works on this stain too.  It keeps me from hearing the other tune, and doesn't leave a residue of its own.

These powers have kept Enya in my active queue far longer than most other musical groups.  And if for no other reason, it's for these powers that I recommend that all people keep a supply of Enya ready-at-hand.  Just like there's a bottle of Shout under the bathroom sink for the occasional spaghetti sauce stain, there's a disc or two of Enya ready on the shelf.


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