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New York Knicks: A Fanís Perspective
Wendy Yu
February 26, 2002

So, here we are, February 2002. What has happened since I watched my Knicks go down in Game 5 to the Raptors? Scott Layden, our fabulous GM, has signed Allan Houston to a $100 million contract. Houston, the great shooter who canít play defense and is not aggressive with the ball, is now virtually untradeable. Glen Rice was traded to Houston for Shandon Andersen and Howard Eisley. Who? Are you kidding me? Exactly. Trade Rice for two players who cannot score and are more overpaid than Rice was. So essentially, the
When was the last time the Knicks haven't placed a player in the All-Star game?
Knicks traded Patrick Ewing for Shandon and Howard. Am I the only one who is completely boggled by the antics of my General Manager? Oh, before I forget, we got Clarence Weatherspoon. Remember him? The guy on the Heat who Jamal Mashburn passed the final shot to in Game 7 against Miami two years ago? Yes, he was our big man acquisition. Now, donít get me wrong, Iíve been mildly impressed with ĎSpoonís play, except for the fact that he was out three to six weeks with that torn tendon in his foot. And now Camby is out for the season. Surprise, surprise.

However, the biggest shock this season had to have been the departure of Van Gundy. JVG, come back! Now, Don Chaney is doing his best, but his best is not what the Knicks need. In the end, this group needs to be ridden like a bunch of playground kids. It is the sad truth. Chaney is not tough on them, and it shows. The team went on the four game winning streak after the debacle against Charlotte on MLK Jr. Day. Of course, they were embarrassed, but that hasnít stopped them from losing before. Chaney went ballistic on them after the game, and they responded. However, itís not his style, and they have relaxed a little. There is no way that JVG would have stood for a two game losing streak, let alone a seven game losing streak. Sprewell, the teamís best player, even admitted that this team needs to be ridden hard, day in and day out, in order to play well.

Oh look, Marcus Camby is hurt again. I guess this time it was bad luck, falling after a dunk over Indyís Jermaine OíNeal (a 1st time all-star). Where are the NY All-Stars? OhÖwe donít have any! When was the last time this happened? It must have been before 1991, thatís when I started watching ball, and I donít remember the Knicks never not placing a player in the All-Star game. Anyways, back to Cambyís fragility. What is with him? I guess heís just one of those chronically injured players who will never fulfill his true potential. (ahemÖGrant Hill) Itís sad that a 6í11Ē toothpick is our only big man, but in the East, I guess it is okay. And letís face it, the Knicks are no where near good enough to think about competing with the teams in the West. Letís just hope the Knicks keep losing and wind up with a draft pick in the top five. But knowing Layden, heíd trade it for some has been or never will be.

So, after all my whining and moaning, you all must think I sound like Mark Cuban, but a lot poorer. But really, I do love the Knicks. And no matter how bad their season seems, I will still watch them and follow them religiously. I do love them, I honestly do. I believe that Houston is one of the best pure shooters in the league, and he is starting to learn the value of defense. Spree is giving his all, playing 48 minutes a game, several games in a row. Mark Jackson has flashes of brilliance. Camby is fantastic when he is healthy. And thatís the biggest factor. Camby has never played more than 60 games in a season. SIXTY GAMES. He needs to work on his conditioning and develop an offensive game. Then he would make good trade bait this summer. I just hope that the Knicks can take a good big man in the draft that has great potential and then trade Camby away for someone healthier and sturdier. I am willing to ride out the pain of this season, and possibly a few more. We need to get rid of the big salaries of Shandon Andersen, Charlie Ward, Travis Knight, and Mark Jackson. Then we can sign a big free agent. Letís hope Scott Layden proves us all wrong in thinking that he is the worst GM in our history. - Copyright 2002 - Email us at
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