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Glory Days
Shannon Stafford
February 5, 2002

Glory Island. Population: Dwindling.

That is the opening of the WB’s new mystery suspense series. From Kevin Williamson - writer and creator of Dawson’s Creek, Scream, Scream 2, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Teaching Mrs. Tingle, and Producer of Halloween: H20 - comes this new drama, which premiered January 16th.

In the first episode, Mike Dolan arrives back in Glory, fresh from the Big Apple, having spent all the money he earned on a single novel based on the “dwindling” population of his childhood home. 

The people of Glory, including his own family, are a bit reluctant to accept him back into the fold after seeing how he fictionalized each of them. To win back their trust, Mike helps Sheriff Rudy solve a murder his first week back in town. 

The first three episodes have held true to the dwindling population promised in the opening credits. Those citizens of the island who are not the sheriff, Rudy Dunlop (Jay R. Ferguson), the Forensic Pathologist / Coroner, Ellie Sparks (Poppy Montgomery), or the newspaper’s newest reporter, Mike Dolan (Eddie Cahill, who fans will remember as Tag on Friends) seem to be fair game in this cat and mouse destiny. 

So far, the writers have done a good job of removing only one or two of Glory’s citizens per episode and have even managed to throw in some romance between the characters. 

However, it will be interesting to see how many episodes are squeezed out of this little town before the writers kill themselves off. With Kevin Williamson at the helm, they have a fair chance of staying around for a few seasons; though, if Mike doesn’t allow his friend, Rudy, to solve a crime or two on his own, we may be seeing the fallout come election time in Glory.

The official website for Glory Days,, starts off with “Welcome to Glory, the Island of Happiness. Well, that’s what the billboard says anyway.” That is a good way to put it.

Go check it out for yourself, and meet the few citizens of Glory who actually have a chance at survival. That isn’t to say they won’t be targets for attack, kidnappings, shootings, possessions, or “accidents.” After all, those hibernating killers in Glory have to notice that, week after week, the heroes get away. - Copyright 2002 - Email us at
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