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Buffy the Musical – 
Will it Ever End?

Sung to “Going through the motions”

Every single day,
The same arrangement,
Stuck in my head on play,
No matter what I try, I can’t pause it
Need to make it stop, make it go away.

I’ve been listening to other music,
Just hoping it will stick.
Now the music’s going through my h-ead,
Buffy, Willow, Spike
All these songs that you just have to like…

I was always into classy music,
Now I find I’m wavering
Anya sings a song,
You find that Mozart doesn’t mean a thing.
“He ain’t got that swing”
I’m just noticing.

“He did pretty well with other s-ongs,
“But never before this long,
“That the music’s going through his h-ead”
“Going through his h-ead”
“Playing all the time”
“Filling all his thoughts and dreams with rhyme.”

Will I stay this way forever?
All other music h-eard never
“What radio station?” Whatever.
I don’t want any more…

Going through my h-ead,
Losing m-y mind
I can’t even tell, if I know “Farmer in the Dell”
Let’s bid this song farewell
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