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The State of the Union Drinking Game
Erik Boemanns
January 31, 2001

First, you have to check out the rules of the game and their count at: 

Amazingly, their count matched my real-time quick count almost exactly, which means neither of us were actually doing any drinking.   They had a few more than me under a
If you didn't have over 3 gallons of vodka, you ran out long before the game was over.
couple of areas that are personal judgment -- like if  the First Lady was smiling or if it was actually half of Congress applauding.

The truth is anyone actually doing the drinking would have been gone in the first 15 minutes.  Terror and terrorist (32 times total) were repeated 25 times in the first 15 minutes, five more times in the next five minutes, then only twice in the remainder of the speech.  If you didn't have at least five shots lined up on the table, you missed a few.  If you didn't have over 3 gallons of vodka, you ran out long before the game was over.

Interesting, they showed the First Lady six times, and Hillary Rodham Clinton four times.  In a case of a potentially confused camera-man or an director with a sense of humor, President Bush thanked his wife for his support, and after showing Laura for a couple of seconds, they switched to Hillary for a couple more seconds. 

A big point winner in the game was a speech under an hour.  According to the ABC News counters, the speech was 48 minutes without applause, but there were 75 individual applause sessions.

Overall, for anyone who didn't want to watch the State of the Union, but had to sit through it, your misery was short.  At least till Wednesday morning. - Copyright 2002 - Email us at
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