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9/11, The Documentary
Erik Boemanns
March 12, 2002

Its never too soon to remember -- as long as the viewers have that choice. CBSs documentary on the Manhattan firefighters involved in the World Trade Center disaster was respectful and appeared honest. CBS is to be commended for their lack of commercialization, since there appeared to be only one corporate commercial during the program. They are also to be commended for their decision not to overly censor the original recordings. Hopefully the FCC will agree that this program was a special case.

Despite the controversy, CBS was right to show the documentary only six months after September 11th. Those who lost loved ones in the attacks may never be able to face being reminded of what happened. Those of us that were lucky enough to not personally know anyone who died deserve to see the heroics of the firefighters that risked their lives. Television is optional; we have to make personal decisions about when were ready to relive a moment few of us will forget. - Copyright 2002 - Email us at
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